An INTUITION SUMMIT Ambassador plays an important part in spreading the prominence of INTUITION in our daily lives.

We see your amazing social media posts every day...and you are an Influencer we would like to work with.

Share your obsession with our INTUITION SUMMIT with others and promote our awesome brand!  

*Only open to US residents at this time.



All brand ambassadors are required to follow us on at least one social media platform:


No fee to join or requirement to sell!



Our Brand Ambassador program is our way of saying thank you.

Every ambassador gets a unique Tracking CODE. Every time someone purchases through your Tracking CODE, you are paid a $50 reward. They get $25.00 off the current price of the ticket. The more you promote, the more CASH you'll receive. Contact Adam here to register or for more information.

PROGRAM ends on April 27th, 2018. Accounts are paid within 15 days from final sale.   

FRIENDS & COLLEAGUES are invited to refer five people to register for the INTUITION SUMMIT and get a FREE TICKET. That is a $600 value!


How to participate in this program: Contact Adam here to register or for more information on how to get your personal CODE. Give that code to your friends. They get $25 off their ticket!  It's a win-win. 


That’s it. It’s that easy to get your FREE ticket to INTUITION SUMMIT!


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