Kenneth Klee

“Learning how to invoke and use intuition is a key to self-mastery and enlightenment.”  Ken Klee


Ken is a magical being with uncanny abilities to assist people in energy healing and the removal of blocks that interrupt success and vital health.  His ability to teach his methods allows people to heal and protect themselves.

Ken has been doing metaphysical work for over 20 years.  He teaches Seven Yoga™ a meditation system to invoke and use the intuition.  Ken offers free meditations as well as meditation, energy healing, and Kabbalah classes.  

Ken has been featured on the Front page of LA Times health section and front page of The Wall Street Journal for his Healing abilities, and  also due to his unique background that preceded his journey into Intuition and Healing work


Ken came into intuitive and energetic healing work from a very different field.  He was a UCLA Law Professor, and a nationally acclaimed attorney in Bankruptcy law- have you ever heard of ‘Chapter Eleven Bankruptcy law?  Ken was commissioned to write that law for our country, and this is what is so unique about his path to healing and intuitive work.  Ken happened to receive some energetic healing during a difficult health period, and became impressed and inspired to learn and develop his skills so that he could offer these healing opportunities to others.  He loves to empower his Clients and Students to evolve in their lives so that they can fulfill their hearts desires and soul’s destiny. 

Judy E. Nelson

Metaphysical Minister, Clairvoyant, Energy Healer. Judy Nelson is a gifted spiritual clairvoyant. Her joy is helping people find their true selves so they can walk their most fulfilling path in life. Judy began her metaphysical studies in 1984 at the Berkeley Psychic Institute and continued her studies at Clearsight, an internationally acclaimed spiritual school. Judy became an ordained metaphysical minister in 1994 and a master practitioner of clairvoyance. She has a thriving private practice as a clairvoyant. Additionally, she is one of the most profound teachers available anywhere. Currently, she is teaching Clairvoyant and Energy programs in Los Angeles, as well as intuitive courses in Tokyo, Japan.

Mary Norris

"Knowledge is your past, wisdom is your future"  Mary Norris


Mary Norris is a Norrí Biofield Master Therapist. Mary's near-death experience has given her a unique understanding of spiritual communication and her gift of spiritual photography will be used for teaching.  She has been working for over fifty years and has lectured internationally.  Her true-life stories will entertain and instruct the new or advanced practitioner.

Daniel Bienenfeld

"Intuition, the voice of the soul, comes to us in many forms, and requires willing attention to hear it's still small voice, or decode its encrypted messages"  Daniel Bienenfeld


Dan is the creator of the Intuition Summit and a practitioner and teacher of Hellerwork Structural Integration.  His background through nearly 40 years of bodywork utilizing intuitive arts has empowered people to heal themselves and their bodies.  Dan’s gifts are teaching people how to use their inner vision to clear barriers that block flow to the body and to understand how to be embodied.  This ability to live in the body allows people to be more present in their lives and to create optimal health. 

Falcon River

Intuition and Moral Responsiblity

    "Magic requires constant practice

               and very little effort." - Falcon River


Falcon River is pagan clergy who for over three decades has been a professional bodyworker, and clairvoyant working with animals and people. In her West Virginia childhood, Falcon was trained in Appalachian folk magic and medicine by her granny, aunt, and uncle. In her early 30s, Falcon studied and apprenticed intensely with Dawna Markova, author of The Open Mind, a body of work dealing with perceptual learning modalities. Falcon teaches classes and workshops on practical magic for daily life.

Ruth Barrett

“Intuition is enhanced by your ability and willingness to notice all the Elemental (earth, water, fire, air) information around and within you as a sensory being, and by cultivating and deepening your relationships with the spirits of Nature that have always been there.”

Ruth Barrett is pagan clergy, a seasoned ritualist, teacher, musician, and author of critically acclaimed Women’s Rites, Women’s Mysteries: Intuitive Ritual Creation.  Ruth has contributed to several anthologies, including Foremothers Of The Women’s Spirituality Movement: Elders and Visionaries. She has facilitated personal and group rituals for four decades and is passionate in teaching how to make conscious meaning from life events and passages.

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The teachers for this year's Intuition Summit are extraordinary. They were selected on the basis of their many talents specifically in the intuition and healing arts. Each of these talented teachers is an expert in their field of expertise and employ unique methods that separate them from the rest. It is this deep well of experience and talent that creates our rich and diverse curriculum.


Intuition Summit teachers will help you learn to trust and navigate through your own self-healing all the while deepening your understanding of intuition. You are encouraged to bring your day to day issues as you will have many opportunities to reframe your relationship to your higher calling...Intuition.

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